Former Thunderclaps member Driff has a vast catalogue of production achievements on his musical CV and brings a huge amount of the typical 3FOD sound.

The Reading based production wizard has a great ear for music and shows this with his solid yet crystal clear beat making abilities.

He brings a certain clarity to the production team of 3FOD and has a brilliant work ethic in terms of productivity, which paired with SQNC leads to powerful productions for the team.


If you are from the Oxford/Reading area then you will definitely have heard of the veteran that is Macular.

Through out the years he has been known to command crowds in many a venue over a variety of different genres.

Macular has worked alongside and hosted a huge amount of events for uk event runners Free Range including nights in Oxford, Brighton and more.

Whether its Drum & Bass, Hiphop, Grime or Dubstep, Macular always seizes control of the audience and compliments the mix in a positive and smooth fashion.

He is also known for his pin point precision in terms of studio music with his easy listening flow and politically aware lyricism.


Production visionary and owner of Sequence Recordings, Tom SQNC is the icing upon the production cake providing nothing but pure Boom Bap genius with every instrumental.

You may remember the SQNC Recordings to include such names as Stenchman, 16 Bit, Suspect and more.

Tom is a master of beats with an extremely high trained ear in high quality hiphop production.

The force of the combined powers of the 3FOD producers is powerful enough to lead any collective into the battle that we know as the music scene.


Formerly a member of Reading based hiphop collective DSM, Wukash has been bringing his raw style to the uk hiphop scene for many a year now. Imagine the heart of a lion combined with the raw brutality of a grizzly bear and what your left with is his lyrical style.

Combining his impressive wordplay and gruff vocal tones, Wukash is the voice of the voiceless and remains a thought provoking and inspiring lyricist. Both Macular and Wukash feed off of each others energies, which only strengthens the end product of the 3FOD material.